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Posted on 3/13/2014 by SuperUser Account in Site News Beta Testing Critiques

So back in 2007 I was talking to some songwriting friends about the workshops we attended and an idea was sparked into life. What if we could run critiques sessions on the internet? With the various pressures of work, trying to make a living and all of the other things that routinely get in the way of a good ideas the site never got past the planning stages. That is until last year. While progress in the first 5 years was glacial I am pleased to say that things have taken off at a much faster pace this now. We now have a fully functioning first version of the software that will run the community. Sure there are already things we want to change and lots of features we will be adding over the coming months. But the heart of the site is there. Users can register, upload songs and get feedback on those songs. Only the songwriter ever gets to see their own feedback and all critiques are done anonymously. We are now at a point where we want some feedback on the site.

What still to be added?


Well we are pleased to have the first version up and running but there is still much to be done. We still have the code monkey locked in the garden shed working away on the next round of features.


User points

Each time a we critique a song they we will be rewarded with points. These points will be the currency for the crowd critiques. You will need a certain number of points to request critiques. That way we can ensure that all of us are contributing to the community. 


Bonus points

Users who put extra effort into their critiques will get rewarded with extra bonus points!


Genre groups

Want to get a bit more specific and leave the mainstream? We have built in the concepts of genre groups. Writers will be  able to subscribe to the groups that interest them most.


Premium subscription levels

While there will always be a free membership available to the site we will be introducing a premium subscription, this will give you access to more critique questions allowing you to get a different level of feedback. Don't worry though the cost will stay low and the free level will always be there!


League tables

A users contribute to the community they will be  move up the league tables.  


Affiliate groups

Do you run an organisation helping songwriters? We will be providing an affiliate system that will allow your members to sign up to private groups just for your members.


There is a whole lot more on the radar but there's plenty of work in this little lot to keep us busy for a while. 


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